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  1. Dr. George Fraser, CEO, FraserNet Inc.;"Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Network."

  2. Les Brown, CEO, Les Brown Unlimited Inc.; "You've Got To Be Hungry!"

  3. Marques Ogden, Ex-NFL, CEO, Speaker; "Building Corporate Client Relationships."

  4. Byron Nelson, CEO, Founder of The Matrix Group International;  "Finish What You Start"

  5. Jewel Diamond-Taylor, CEO, Speaker, Author “ShiFT "Happens sharing top tips to adapt, pivot. And thrive.”

  6. Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr., National Sports Director, Rainbow PUSH, “Building for Success in the New Normal”

  7. Bryan Franklin, CEO, BAM.eco "Time for Some Action"

  8. Dr. Stephanie Ardrey, CEO/President of Blu Diamond Group, Inc.  "Keys to Building Corporate Credit."

  9. Reginald Grant, MS Ed., CEO, eSportsInstruction, and  Corporate Relations - Retired NFL Players Congress "Focused Messaging & Branding"

  10. Kim Anthony, National Director, Urban Philanthropy Institute (UPI) Launch. Lead. Succeed! How to Start and Fund Your Own Non-Profit.

  11. Dr. Rosie Milligan, Senior Estate Planner & Consultant "Creating Generational Wealth – The Steps to Take.

  12. Yvette Gilliam-McCullough, BBVA Community Development Mortgage Banking Officer              Community Banking and  Lines of Credit

    Thomas “TJ” Loftin, CEO, Investor and Public Speaker  “Building Black Ownership: Monetizing Gentrification”

  13. Linda Coleman-Willis, CEO, Business Development for Success  It’s Time to Write Your Book. I will show you where to start."

  14. Crystal Mitchell, Co-Director Recycling Black Dollars and CEO, Mitchell Business Solutions  "Pathways to Multiple Streams of Income"

  15. Melvin Burrell, Real Estate Broker, Insurance Broker, and Wealth Management Expert  "Keys to Building Black Wealth Now!" 

  16. Bob Grant, Chairman, Retired NFL Players Congress & Super Bowl Champion "Sports Licensing"

  17. Cliff Pierre, CEO, Revenue Boomers Generating Revenue using Social Media"

  18. Melanie Perry, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM   Now that you have Earned Money – Learn How To Manage It!

  19. Richard Myles Sr., CEO/President of  MFL - Minor Football League  "Sports Franchising"

  20. Rico Lamitte, CEO, The Suave Life   "Your Vision, Your opportunity."

  21. John Mathews, CEO, Prothymos Innovations, eBless.App  "Starting a Tech company."

  22. Doris F. Mosley, CEO, Another Beauty Salon, and Los Angeles Spectrum International Beauty Expo (SIBE). " The Hottest Business of the Century! A 10 Billion $ Annual Hair Industry"

  23. Naimah, CEO Naimah Northstar LLC., Author, Actress, Life-Coach; "The Power of You!"

  24. Ray Wilson, CEO, Leadership Coach, & Author  "The Results Equation: Three Steps to Advance to the Next Level in Your Business during these Challenging times."

  25. Dr. Letitia Wright, Producer, TV Show Host  "Your Community Can Fund your Business. Crowd Funding."

  26. Dr. Thyonne Gordon, CEO, Beyond Story Training & Consulting "Grow Your Business With Your Best Story"

  27. Kathy Williamson, N.D., Award-winning Journalist, and Film Critic "Networking to Build Successful Relationships… Business & Personally."

  28. Norma T. Hollis, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Coach  "Making It Through the Madness. Tips for Mental Mastery."

  29. Zenobia Millet, CEO, Funding Boutique ""4 Non-Traditional Ways To Raise Capital For Non-Traditional Entrepreneurs”"

  30. Seareatha Virtanen, CEO, Harmonies Brew.  "A Black, female CEO Making it Happen."

  31. Chef Nikko, CEO & Celebrity Chef "Food, Nutrition, and the Industry" sponsored by Pantry Brain

  32. Paul Ruffin, CEO,  ECI Networks, and Director WelcomeHome.Vet  "Veterans Business Resources"

  33. Ronell Miller, CEO, HBCUstartups, Consultant "From A Venture Capitalist POV: Building Wealth For Diverse Startups In The Digital Revolution"

  34. Treasure Owens, CEO, and Founder, POWERS, Inc. "Building out your Prosperity Roadmap for Long Term Effect"

  35. Kimberley Ausgood, Certified Financial Education Instructor  "You Can Achieve Financial Security with This Little-Known Insurance Product.  It is Proven! It Works!"

  36. Deborah Thorne, Author, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker  "From Employee to A Six-Figure Entrepreneur in 7 Steps."

  37. Michael McNair, Co-founder of Simpa Health and 55B Labs  "Building Innovative Applications for Black Founders"

  38. Brian Erhahon Real Estate Professionals "The Financial Advantages of Purchasing Your Home"

  39. Angela Anderson Founder and CEO, #1 HR Expert " HR Matters"

  40. Crystal Victoria CEO, Target Evolution Educator, and Author "Teens Earning Money: The Teen Biz Camp Crew"

  41. Nicole K Jones Director of Business Development for the #1 HR Expert  "HR Matters"

  42. Coach Cleon “CJ” Joseph CEO, The Fitness Syndicate  "The Safe Shelter at Home Workout with CJ."

  43. Sylviana Moore, CEO, The Moore Foundation "Demystifying: The Imposter Syndrome"

  44. Dr. Cherilyn Lee, Ph.D., Nutrition and Natural Health Expert  "Your Health & Business"

  45. LC Green, Jr., Business Tax Expert   Learn the Deductions of Home Base Business that can Save You Money.

  46. Justin I. Johnson, CPA, Esq., Managing Partner│ Johnson & Nathaniel LLP  "Setting up Your Business"

  47. Alexis Small, Founder, CEO College Daze Media, LLC "Branding Yourself During A Pandemic"

  48. Jarim Person-Lynn, Founder and Wealth Coach for The Winner's Circle Group, LLC.  "How Seeing Black Business In ACTION Can change your Life."

  49. Jordan Smith, Creator of Brand New Sauce Productions "How Seeing Black Business In ACTION Can change your Life."

  50. Diane Yoo, Managing Director, Medingenx, “From A Venture Capitalist POV: Building Wealth For Diverse Startups In The Digital Revolution

  51. Rev. Dr. Oden, Former Partner Los Angeles Black Business Expo, Retired Pastor “The importance of Black-owned business”

  52. Richard Yeargin III, 2x National Champion NCAA Football, CEO, RYIII Foundation, "Overcoming Obstacles"