2021 Panels & Photos

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Panel : Building Black Wealth Through Real Estate

1. Moderator: Ted Brass

2. TJ Lofton

3. Mike Roberts  

4. Melvin Burrell


 Panel : Passing on The Wealth from one Generation to the Next Generation - Using Wills, Living Trusts & Insurance 

  1. Moderator: Dr. Rosie Milligan

  2. Yolanda Gillum

  3. Pamela Pitcher 

Panel : Black Business Ownership - One of the Keyways to Create Generational Wealth

Panel : Developing A Relationships with Your Banker & Community Organizations to Grow Wealth. 

Panel : Engaging Crypto Currency to Grow Black Wealth

Panel :  Investing in High Growth Start-Ups Before Going Public.

Panel : Using Sports & Entertainment to Create Generational Wealth


10 Minutes: Wealth Talks



  • Deborah Thorne – How A Man with a 3rd Grade Education Created Generational Wealth -

  • Bro Bedford – Creating Wealth – Using Your Unique Ability

  • Ray Wilson -Habits of the Wealthy

  • JR Fenwick Flip That Stock -Using Stocks To Create Wealth

  • Dr. Stephanie Ardrey – Securing Business Credit